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We  begin  at  Anaces.  Swept clean  by  the  Earthquake, knows in local tales as Day zero, the land laid  barren.  a  group of  villagers  went  to  Anaces  to  search  for  the remainings of their culture and the  remaining  of  their  loved  ones.  They  never  returned  from  their  quest.  A  second  group  of villagers, supported by two boats of warriors, conducted the second search.

Only  one  of the warriors, the strongest of them called Knecki, has returned barely alive, strapped of his  weapons  and  his  armor  and  wout  open  wounds  and  burned skin.  As  he  gained  strength, helped  by  the healers, he started remembering the details of what happened. The memories first came  in  his  sleep. He  saw  huge  cracks  as  the  ground  under  his  feet  turned into  rubble  and  as the  fiery  water  started  flowing  over  the  barren  landscape.  His  screams  were  silenced  by  the roars  coming  from  the  depths  of  the  cracks  and  a huge shadow, fast as lighting, was cast upon him.  As  he  gained full  memory  he told  the  story:  dragons,  let  loose from their undercover caves where  they  were  locked  by  the  Gods  of the ancient times, started covering the sky limits as they flew out of their dungeons. A great threat has come upon the whole Mana world.

The  old  story  goes:  you  can  only fight fire with fire. Ankonno, the old hermit cast out of the village many  winters  ago,  proposed  the  solution.  In  order  to  fight  the  dragons  the  one  thing   most precious  to  dragons  has  to  be  obtained,   the  dragon  egg.  For  the  dragon  egg  to  hatch special skills  and  magic  are  required.  He proposed:  “I  will  show  you  the  knowledge  in  exchange  for  my private  training  arena  where  you  can  send  your   children  to  learn.”.  And  that  is  how  dragon hunters were created.

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